Transformational Life and Business Coaching


  • Are you feeling stuck in life and not sure which direction to take?

  • Do you struggle saying ‘NO’ and setting healthy boundaries?

  • Does overwhelm or procrastination invade your day?

  • Would you like clarity on your direction in life?

  • Do you have hurt, pain or trauma from your past that is impacting your life today?

  • Would you like to be the best version of you in all areas of your life?

  • Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?


If you answered YES to ANY or ALL of the above let's have a chat and see how I can assist you in moving towards your ideal self and the life you are longing for?



"Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.  Be the change you want to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi



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Hi there! My name is Andrea Forsyth and I am a Transformational Life and Business coach, yoga instructor, a doting Mum of 4 and Step Mother to 1 and a healthy advocate for living life wholeheartedly.  My passion is inspiring and empowering others to find, follow and create the life of their dreams encompassing what they are most passionate about.   I support my clients to fall back in love with who they are at their core, to release and let go of what has held them back in the past and to move forward in life with a clear direction and positive future vision.  Through this journey of growth and self-awareness I support them in creating healthy change in all areas of their life, setting goals for their future, raising their self-esteem, understanding why they do what they do, and shifting them from a problem to solution based mindset.


Incorporating a holistic approach through the mind, body, soul connection, I offer a wonderful and supportive way of connecting my clients back to the qualities they have inside that often get suppressed throughout childhood.  This  allows them to reconnect to their strengths and uniqueness, ultimately thriving in their own authentic being. 


With proven coaching success in helping clients overcome anxiety and depression I share my experience and wisdom from studying Human Behaviour, Human Behaviour Profiling, Meta Dynamics, Yoga Therapy and from teaching yoga and meditation. Combined, my shared experience and knowledge gives my clients the tools and strategies to believe in themselves and their ability.  This allows them to embrace all that life offers with a positive and uplifting attitude.

"You are only one thought away from changing your life"

- Wayne Dyer

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Journey to Empowerment is an organisation focused on developing people to their true potential whether that be on a personal, professional or spiritual level.  Journey to Empowerment believe this is achievable through a holistic approach of the mind body soul connection encompassing mindset (the head/ego), intuition (the body) and soul (our heart).

J2E not only cater on a personal basis but also assist corporations/businesses with bringing out the true potential of their people, culture change, conflict resolution and employee wellbeing.

So whether you’re a parent needing guidance or a CEO with a team not functioning to their true potential, J2E can support you through the necessary change allowing you to move forward with clarity.




Clinical Nutritionist 

Andrea was the first life & business coach I had ever seen and I instantly felt drawn to her warmth and down to earth approach. I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough and she came into my life at the most perfect time. 

I was struggling in all areas of my life from my relationship breakdown and divorce, my health, parenting and business. I essentially felt lost and empty. Andrea was like Berocca for my soul and slowly piece by piece she helped guide me from a very dark place. 

What I did not realise and that Andrea helped shed light on, is that I had patterns of behaviour that were affecting both my professional life and personal life. Andrea helped shed light and awareness in these areas and assisted me to explore those at a deeper level. 

The support that Andrea provided me has given me one of the greatest gifts in my life, peace. I feel calmer, more connected, aware and so much happier. I have gone from doing the things that I thought I needed to do, in a very hurried, disconnected and stressful way to being the person that I always knew I was and wanted to be but just didn’t think I could or should be. 

Andrea is an amazing life coach, I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing additional support in their lives. She is very empathetic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.


HR Consultant

In a very challenging time in my life Andrea became a voice of reason and motivation. I wasn't sure how I would initially respond to life coaching however, Andrea’s professional and also personal approach instantly put me at ease.

Andrea had an ability to get to the core of the issue in a soft yet firm way. She provided support at any time and was a great motivator for me to explore what I need/want in my life. She provided practical tips and is a strong calming influence. I can not recommend Andrea enough.


Thank you Andrea.



Before I started my coaching sessions with Andrea I felt a big gap between my thinking and feeling. I had to find myself back. During the coaching sessions I raised my awareness around self-love.


Andrea have moved me forward and made me find a strategy to raise that self-awareness. As a result of this I now feel so much more confident in everything I do. I get to know myself better each day.

I would recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to be aware of self-love and finding your true self. 


Business Owner

Thank you for doing my personal E-DISC profile and also our partner E-DISC profile. I have personally gained a far better insight into my own behaviour and have the necessary tools to ensure an awesome journey ahead.


With regards to our couples E-DISC profile we understand each other's behaviour far better, making our conversations and every day life easier. You have given us the choice to have a happy, fun and loving relationship against the old misunderstanding, frustration and sadness. We love our transformed life, you made our difficult become simple with warmth, honesty, fun and an easy conversation.


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