For most of us, we spend more time at work then we do with our friends or family.  So it’s imperative that work is an environment we want to be in and that brings out the best in us.  I can work with your team to create a fun, enjoyable yet productive and dedicated workplace environment where the employees align with the Business’ values.  You want your team to maximise their full potential. But if they’re stuck in patterns that impede creative thinking, they won’t be empowered to achieve above their  baseline standards.


No matter what areas of behaviour you want to address, I can help work with your team to empower them around issues such as:

  • Motivation

  • Empowering Leadership

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Stress

  • Workplace Burnout

  • Inductive vs deductive thinking

  • Understanding your prospects/clients

  • Sales

  • Procrastination and overwhelm

  • And many more…


In any workplace, a vibrant team culture is a must to accomplish more tasks, achieve a higher level of efficiency, and reduce on-the-job friction. I work with groups and businesses both large and small to transform your team into a cohesive, happy unit.

As both a business owner and a devoted mother, I bring a broad range of experiences to the task. The same group dynamics that influence families affect businesses, not-for-profits, and volunteer groups. With my coaching certifications and my practical life experience, I can help you create a calm, welcoming workplace that people will love to come to every morning.

I speak to groups of all sizes to tackle the issues that impact their team dynamics. I tailor my presentation to your group’s exact needs. Let me know what challenges your team faces  and request your quote on a team coaching workshop today!